Hunger is a Growing ProblemDear Friend of the Foodbank,

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase “where are you putting all that food?,” then you have witnessed how a growing child can eat. We are all united in a constant state of awareness of what our children consume.

When our kids are shortchanged at the dinner table, they’re actually shortchanged in significant ways for the rest of their lives.

That’s why it is especially critical that no child in Vermont goes hungry. The Vermont Foodbank works year-round to make sure our little ones have enough nutritious food to help their bodies and minds grow up strong and healthy. But we need support from our community to make it happen. Indeed, 61% of all our donations come from generous community members like you! Every gift matters.

Your gift of $10 will help provide enough food for 30 meals to hungry kids and families! Help a child grow today, and you’ll help ensure a better, brighter tomorrow for everyone.

Will you make a donation today?Hunger is a Growing Probelm

All my best,

John Sayles

Chief Executive Officer





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