Meet Angela & Her Kids

Photo of Angela with child on her shoulders.

Five years ago, Angela was in a terrible car wreck. The accident left her with long-term physical and mental disabilities, and she struggles to get by on hardly any income. A mom of two young children, Angela trusts that they’ll get through this tough time together. In the meantime, she’s grateful that she can turn to her local food shelf for help feeding her family. This is Angela’s story:

“I have two children—Kiosha who’s nine, and Elije who’s two. They are amazing children and I want to give them everything. Sometimes I skip meals so that they can eat, and sometimes the only thing I can afford are noodles. So, we eat noodles all week, even though I know that’s not healthy.

A friend told me about the food pantry. At first, I thought they wouldn’t let me go because I’m not homeless. I was surprised to see that most people there aren’t, however. The food pantry has been a lifesaver. Just today, we didn’t have enough to eat for lunch, but I was able to go to the pantry and now we have enough. They help us every month. It relieves so much of my stress when I’m able to turn to them as utility bills stack up and cupboards run bare. Elije loves going with me to the pantry too. His face lights up when the volunteers offer juice and snacks. Without the pantry, we’d go hungry. The food they provide us often gets us through. I’m so grateful.

I think Kiosha understands a little bit what we’re going through. She’s older, so she knows that it hasn’t always been like this. But I try so hard to hide my struggle and make their lives as normal as possible. I don’t want them to worry. My children are my everything; without them, I don’t know where I would be. I love them, and they love me, and I know what we’ll overcome this hard time together.”

You can help make sure families and neighbors across Vermont have the food they need. Visit to donate.

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