A young child eating spaghetti. 3SquaresVT allows neighbors to boost their grocery budget.

“As a recently single mother of three, providing quality, healthy food for my children and myself had been a struggle. When I reached out to [the] 3SquaresVT [application assistance team at the Vermont Foodbank] there was no judgment and they were kind, respectful and willing to help in any way possible. They provided assistance in filling out the application directly over the phone. Their willingness to walk me through the process with humor and compassion put my mind at ease. After a few weeks…my family was approved. The freedom to purchase food for my family has taken a huge load off my shoulders. I no longer have to go without to provide for them. There is enough food for us all now. 3SquaresVT has changed the way we live our lives and I couldn’t be more grateful”.

It’s true! Our 3SquaresVT team at the Foodbank can assist you in filling out a 3SquaresVT application over the phone. We are here to support applicants from the beginning to the end of the process—our goal is to make the application experience easier for you. Are you eligible for 3SquaresVT? You may be eligible if your household’s gross monthly income (before taxes, Medicare premiums, etc. are deducted) is below a certain dollar amount. This amount changes depending on household size. Consider someone part of your household if you purchase and prepare food with them. Click here to view the current eligibility guidelines and assess if you might be eligible. You can click here to contact our 3SquaresVT team at the Vermont Foodbank to learn more—we can answer your questions, screen you for eligibility, or assist you with an application! Or call us at (855) 855-6181, text VFBSNAP to 85511, or email 3svt@vtfoodbank.org.

* Photo substituted to protect privacy.