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Friday, January 20, 2023

I am a retired grandma. I moved here in November to be close to family members that moved here. I did have a couple of cats before I moved here from Missouri. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring them. My hobby is working on Genealogy. My past jobs varied from being a nanny to managing stores.

I am so grateful to get 3SquaresVT here. I am currently couch surfing at a friend’s home. I don’t have money for food. I went into serious debt to move here, and I am trying to get caught up. I have to supply my own food. I have been existing on instant oatmeal because I broke my dentures during the trip. [3SquaresVT] will allow me to have more and a variety of food. I had SNAP in Missouri but less of it a month. I only got $20.00 a month there so it didn’t go far. Their system was difficult to use. You had to make an appointment way in advance so if there was a problem, it took time to fix it.

I understand that the allowed amount will be reduced soon, which is concerning. I will have to go back to finding very cheap easy food to eat. I know I will be losing weight again. I pray the government will rethink this as some of us can’t afford to spend money we don’t have just to get nourishment.

My grandson and I are planning to get an apartment this fall, and we will need to get basic food items. He and I will be sharing expenses, but we will be responsible for our own food. I was hoping the amount would stay the same. Since I only eat 2 meals a day that money would allow me to have a decent dinner.

One of my favorite meals was a breakfast for dinner. I can’t believe the price of eggs. I have noticed that food is more expensive in Vermont. It worries me that I won’t be able to buy any meat here and my health will suffer.

I am looking forward to Spring so I can travel off this hill. I haven’t been able to explore the nearby towns. I want to be able to post photos on the scenery so my friends and family back home can see how beautiful it is here. I can’t wait to BBQ here.

It was such a good idea to contact the Foodbank here for help. Ariana is wonderful. She got me in touch with 3SquaresVT. She keeps answering all my questions and checks up on me. (I certainly didn’t get that in Missouri.) She has been a Godsend for me. I am so grateful. So, if anyone needs help, please don’t hesitate. They are so helpful. I can tell you that not knowing if you will have a next meal is scary. Not to mention the empty stomach pains.

Please don’t hesitate to donate for it really does help. I hope government officials are reading this.

Yours truly,

Williamstown, VT

You can learn more about the changes to 3SquaresVT benefits and the end of SNAP Emergency Allotments at vermontfoodhelp.com.

To read more about how SNAP reductions will affect food access in Vermont and what it means for neighbors experiencing hunger, check out our recent blog post: End of SNAP Emergency Allotments: What does it mean?

You can support the expansion of SNAP access by signing on to the 2023 Farm Bill Nutrition Coalition Recommendations. Make sure Congress hears the voices of all of us in Vermont!

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