Dan at work delivering a pallet of food at a Network Partner.

One of Dan’s favorite things to do is drive — and he’s been driving trucks for 33 years. For the past six, the Vermont Foodbank has been lucky to have Dan delivering nourishing food across the state.

Dan grew up in Vermont. He has been married for 40 years to his “best friend,” has two kids, two granddaughters, and a great-grandson. When he’s not at work, Dan likes camping, grilling, watching auto racing at Thunder Road, and baseball — he umpires through the summer.

Every morning Dan gets up at 4:00 a.m., has coffee, and heads to the Foodbank, where he loads his truck with the day’s deliveries before hitting the road. Dan typically spends 6-7 hours driving each day and has regular routes.

“I like being on the road,” shares Dan. “You get to know people.”

On this day, Dan’s first delivery is four pallets for the Craftsbury Food Share. Then it’s down Route 14 with two pallets for the Hardwick Area Food Pantry. Much of the food the Foodbank sources (with your support!) is relocated to food shelves and other food access points that help distribute it in local communities.

Dan says it’s important for people experiencing hunger to know they’re not alone. “There are a lot of people in Vermont who do,” he explains, “And the Foodbank is there to help.”

Next, Dan delivers a pallet of kid-friendly food to Hardwick Elementary School. This food will be sent home with kids to ensure their growing bodies are nourished when school’s out. “It’s a good thing you’re doing,” says Dan, as he maneuvers a power jack off the truck. “The kids need it.”

The last stop of the day is a church parking lot, where Dan distributes food boxes for older adults. Many of the folks picking up food know Dan by name and take time to check in on his day, joke around, and share gratitude.

“People are always saying thank you for all we do,” says Dan.

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