Help For Our Front Line Responders

 Tom is a volunteer EMT who is helping with front line response during the coronavirus outbreak. Because his taxi business had to shut down, he has no income and his bills are piling up. Thanks to you, at least there’s food on the table.

“This is really impacting me big time. I had to apply for food stamps so that I could have some way to eat while being on the front lines of the coronavirus.”

Tom is a small business owner and volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) living in Vergennes, VT. He’s normally able to make ends meet and pay his bills on time, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, his taxi business had to shut down. He now has no income.

For the first time ever, Tom doesn’t know how he’s going to pay his bills and keep food on the table for himself and his kids.

He’s trying to persuade his phone company and auto loan holder to allow him to defer payment on those bills so that he doesn’t lose access to his van, phone, and internet, all of which are especially important for Tom as an EMT at the forefront of the coronavirus response.

“I need to have my van so I can get to the rescue. I need to have my phone to get critical updates from the CDC and from [the hospital],” he shares.

Fortunately, thanks to Vermont Foodbank supporters like you, help is there to keep food on Tom’s table while he navigates these challenges. He reached out to the Foodbank and we were able to help him apply for 3SquaresVT, a program that can help him purchase groceries during this hard time. He’ll also visit his local food shelf so his family doesn’t have to go without the food they need during the outbreak. And because of you, the shelves will be stocked.

“It’s really hard right now,” says Tom. “Until this passes, there’s not much else we can do other than surf the wave and not go under.”

Support neighbors during this critical time, if you can. Give help.

Are you in need of help? We’re here. Get help.

Help get food to neighbors who need it. Volunteer.


We will continue to share updates on our response to COVID-19 as the situation evolves. You can find the latest information on our website.

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