A Family Shares What The Holidays Are All About

Photo of Crystal and Eva

With her family trying to get by on one income, Crystal wasn’t sure her young daughter would get to experience a Thanksgiving meal. Thanks to friends like you, they’ll be able to celebrate around a full and festive table.

Thanksgiving has been feeling bittersweet for Crystal and her daughter Eva.

Little Eva has a mouthful of new teeth, but Crystal has been worried that there might not be a holiday meal for her to try them on. Crystal shares that she lost her job waitressing, and while her husband is still working, his salary is just enough to pay the family’s bills every month. There isn’t much left for food.

“Our budget is really tight every month,” says Crystal.

With the holidays coming up, she knew she needed a little extra help. So Crystal visited a food distribution and was able to bring home the food she needed to make sure her family would have a festive holiday meal this year.

“We probably wouldn’t be doing Thanksgiving if it weren’t for this,” Crystal explains. “This means we get to have a nice meal as a family, which we wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.”

Crystal not only got a turkey for the family, she also got holiday sides — carrots, green beans, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

“I’m proud that for Eva … we’ll be able to share what the holidays are all about: family,” she says.

Stories like this are true for families across Vermont and around the country. Because of your care for your community, neighbors still recovering from the impacts of the pandemic will be able to enjoy a nourishing meal this holiday season. Thank you!

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