Jamie, left, and McKayla, members of our 3SquaresVT team, tabling at an event.

How do you prefer to connect? Phone, email, or text? We offer all three. Rest assured, there will be a real, live human answering your phone call, email, or text message! We deeply value human connection.

What makes each day of work meaningful for our team is getting to know you, and sharing our knowledge about 3SVT so you feel empowered to navigate the application process. When you reach out to us, you are seeking support to meet your needs and are caring for yourself with perseverance. We know that when all of us in Vermont have the food we want and need, our state is stronger for it. One neighbor said, “Thank you. Your assistance made the experience with 3SVT so much easier. It is people like you that make Vermont home.”


One-on-One Assistance to Help You Get The Foods You Want

Neighbors reach out to us with a great variety of questions and curiosities. If you are feeling like the 3SVT application is complicated…that is because it is complicated! Our team is thoroughly trained to understand the details of 3SVT and it still feels complicated to us. We spend many hours reading the 3SVT manual, and we are happy to research questions and track down answers!

We want you to know that some folks on our team have personally applied for and received benefits before; when they assist you, they can also speak from their own experience.

Who is the 3SquaresVT Team?

Sarah and Ariana are 3SVT resource specialists. When you call, email, or text our team, these two will respond! Many neighbors have very kind things to say about them.

“Sarah…thank you so much for helping me…you could take somebody that is feeling down and bring them right back up again. I thank you so very much.”

“Ariana…was very compassionate, attentive and helpful. She really listens to elderly people…I had nearly given up all hope of getting help with 3SVT until she called…She even took the time to type out the steps to follow and sent me all the forms in an envelope…Thank you Dear!”

If you are out and about in your community, you might happen upon Jamie. Jamie is our outreach manager and is skilled at spreading the word about 3SVT to people living in all corners of the state. Though her day-to-day work isn’t always filled with direct application assistance, Jamie is thrilled to support with applications while out in the field. One neighbor recently shared:

“Jamie was so helpful, kind and understanding…if I had not had her help, I would have filled the form out wrong.” 

And of course, Emily, who directs community resources and has been supporting neighbors with the 3SVT process the longest! These days Emily also supports other Foodbank programs, although you may just be lucky enough to catch her for your application assist. One neighbor who worked with her said:

“Emily…went above and beyond the call of duty…if we had a few thousand more people in the world with the dedication to serve others the way Emily does, this world would be a better place.” 

We are grateful that people living in Vermont value the support we provide and have kind words to share about our team. And, we are always learning and shifting our services to better support you and our neighbors. We welcome your feedback—do you have ideas on how we can improve support with resources like 3SVT? Contact our team to share your ideas, or for questions about 3SVT. Call us at (855) 855-6181, text VFBSNAP to 85511, or email 3svt@vtfoodbank.org.