Photo of a woman in a yellow jacket standing in front of the Upper Valley Haven.

This month, we’re celebrating you and all the Foodbank supporters who have joined us on the journey of creating a food-secure Vermont by sharing part of a recent interview with friend and neighbor Sara. Sara lives in Hartford, is a monthly donor to Vermont Foodbank, and a regular volunteer at her local food shelf and shelter. Here’s what she has to say:

Vermont Foodbank: What inspires you to give to Vermont Foodbank? Why do you give?

Sara: Although I’ve known for a long time that many people in Vermont struggle to feed themselves and their families, it was when I volunteered at a local homeless shelter and food pantry that I came face-to-face with that reality. It was a deeply unsettling experience for me. The Vermont Foodbank is a critical partner in the effort to address the complex, outrageous fact that so many people simply don’t have enough to eat.

Vermont Foodbank: What are you grateful for in your community (however you definite your community)?

Sara: I am grateful to live in a community (both my neighborhood and the larger community of Vermont) where there is a fundamental commitment to the well-being of everyone. It’s a commitment that needs to be constantly protected and sustained both politically and personally. The Vermont Foodbank makes a difference in the lives of many, many people.

Vermont Foodbank: Gratitude is a big word—what significance does gratitude hold for you, or what would you like to share about gratitude?

Sara: A good day for me is one in which I remember to think of at least one thing I am grateful for. The world around me may (and usually is) in turmoil, but if I can maintain even an ounce of gratitude, I am more likely to maintain some balance that day.

Here at Vermont Foodbank, we couldn’t be more grateful for you and Sara, and all the members of the Foodbank community, for investing in the food-secure Vermont we all deserve. You really do make a difference. Thank you.