13 08, 2019

Meet Zoey


Zoey is 11 years old. She lives with her mom and her brother Zeus. Zoey sees her mom work hard to provide for their family. She also sees the stress of making sure that everyone has enough to eat at home, especially during the summer when they can’t rely on school meals. Thanks to supporters like you, Zoey and her family can attend free lunches in their community this summer while school is out. This is Zoey’s story.

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18 07, 2019

Meet Karen


Karen runs the Worcester Community Kitchen and Food Shelf in Worcester, VT. With your help and Karen’s love and dedicated service, help is there for people in central Vermont struggling with hunger. Read what Karen had to say about volunteering at the Vermont Foodbank recently.

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6 06, 2019

Meet Angela & Her Kids


Five years ago, Angela was in a terrible car wreck. The accident left her with long-term physical and mental disabilities, and she struggles to get by on hardly any income. A mom of two young children, Angela trusts that they’ll get through this tough time together. In the meantime, she’s grateful that she can turn to her local food shelf for help feeding her family. This is Angela’s story:

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31 05, 2019

Training Cooks, Nourishing the Community


Eleven newly-minted cooks from around Central Vermont were awarded diplomas on Thursday in Barre’s Old Labor Hall. Before dozens of family members, friends, and community supporters who came out for the ceremony, the CKA graduates accepted their diplomas and then celebrated their achievement by feeding the crowd an exquisite buffet-style meal that included smoked pork ribs, loaded potato salad poppers, meatballs, and many more nutritious foods.

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30 05, 2019

Meet Josh


Josh is a 51-year-old who lives in Barre, Vermont. He and his wife of 20 years recently divorced, and it has been difficult to manage his Parkinson’s disease and keep healthy food on the table.

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26 04, 2019

Meet this working parent


Meet this working parent We received this letter recently from an employee at one of the Vermont hospitals where we host a fresh food distribution. We’re passing the note along to you because making free, healthy food available where people live and work is not something we could do alone. I first heard about VeggieVanGo [...]

Meet this working parent2019-04-26T12:00:26-04:00