13 12, 2019

A Thanksgiving Meal for Jaylen and His Family


With a fridge at home that is sometimes empty, eight-year-old Jaylen was wondering what Thanksgiving would be like this year. Thanks to people like you, he didn’t have to miss out on his favorite holiday foods, and was able to share a warm, nourishing meal with his family.

A Thanksgiving Meal for Jaylen and His Family2019-12-13T14:33:04-05:00
7 11, 2019

Meet Lisa


Lisa is a veteran living in Rutland who recently had a stroke. She couldn’t work while rehabilitating and was struggling to make ends meet. Thanks to your generous support, she could turn to the Vermont Foodbank for help.

Meet Lisa2019-11-07T12:00:26-05:00
5 09, 2019

Meet Lottie


Lottie is a single mom living in Concord, Vermont. For Lottie, challenges with transportation and affordable childcare have made it difficult to make enough money to afford food. Despite working, she doesn't make enough to cover her basic needs, but is making too much to qualify for many assistance programs.

Meet Lottie2019-09-05T15:46:36-05:00
13 08, 2019

Meet Zoey


Zoey is 11 years old. She lives with her mom and her brother Zeus. Zoey sees her mom work hard to provide for their family. She also sees the stress of making sure that everyone has enough to eat at home, especially during the summer when they can’t rely on school meals. Thanks to supporters like you, Zoey and her family can attend free lunches in their community this summer while school is out. This is Zoey’s story.

Meet Zoey2019-08-13T14:47:05-05:00
18 07, 2019

Meet Karen


Karen runs the Worcester Community Kitchen and Food Shelf in Worcester, VT. With your help and Karen’s love and dedicated service, help is there for people in central Vermont struggling with hunger. Read what Karen had to say about volunteering at the Vermont Foodbank recently.

Meet Karen2019-07-18T09:21:28-05:00
6 06, 2019

Meet Angela & Her Kids


Five years ago, Angela was in a terrible car wreck. The accident left her with long-term physical and mental disabilities, and she struggles to get by on hardly any income. A mom of two young children, Angela trusts that they’ll get through this tough time together. In the meantime, she’s grateful that she can turn to her local food shelf for help feeding her family. This is Angela’s story:

Meet Angela & Her Kids2019-06-06T15:05:49-05:00