3SquaresVT and the Earned Income Tax Credit: You May be Eligible!

Tax season tip:  If you apply for and receive the Vermont Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), you may be eligible for 3SquaresVT!

The EITC is a tax benefit for working people who earn lower or moderate incomes. The credit offsets taxes, supplements low wages, and helps lift thousands of people out of poverty each year, just like 3SquaresVT! The EITC can help cover any state income tax workers may owe at tax time. Besides offsetting taxes, workers who are earning lower wages may also get cash back through the EITC refund. Eligible workers who claim the EITC on their tax return can receive a refund even if they do not owe income tax.

Families in Vermont earning up to $54,884 may receive EITC. Eligibility is based on income, household composition, and number of dependent children (if you have any). Even if you don’t earn enough to file taxes, you can still get the EITC!

For more information about EITC, go to www.irs.gov or call 1-800-829-1040. For free help preparing your taxes, dial 2-1-1 to make an appointment with a tax assistance organization in your community.

Don’t know if you received the VT EITC this tax season? Check your tax return or call the Vermont Department of Taxes at 1-866-828-2865 (toll-free in VT).

Not enrolled in 3SquaresVT? 3SquaresVT is a monthly benefit that can help income eligible households buy the foods they need, when they need them! It can be used at grocery stores, convenience stores, co-ops and participating farmers’ markets. Benefits are given to you each month on an EBT (electronic benefits transfer) card, which works like a debit card. Even if you’ve never been eligible for 3SquaresVT before, please know this program is here for you. To learn more visit, the 3SVT webpage. You can also call our helpline at 1-855-855-6181, or text ‘VFBSNAP’ to 855-11. You can also email us at 3SVT@vtfoodbank.org.