3SquaresVT & WIC: Connecting With Both Through the Foodbank!

Photo of a woman and child cooking in a kitchen. The Foodbank has staff-members available to connect you to services such as 3SquaresVT and WIC.

Did you know that Vermont Foodbank has a dedicated team of 3SVT subject matter experts who are available to screen for eligibility, complete applications, offer support and expertise, and share about the many other supports and services that 3SVT can open the door to. Services and supports such as WIC!

What is 3SquaresVT?

3SquaresVT (3SVT) is our state’s version of what is federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It is a monthly benefit that income eligible folks, families, and households receive on an Electronic Benefits Transfer card (EBT card), which is just like a debit card. They can use it at their preferred grocery store, co-op, convenience store, and even many farmer markets to purchase their preferred foods (any nontaxable food item)! Anywhere that SNAP/EBT is accepted.

What is WIC?

WIC (Women, Infants, Children) is a similar nutrition program that provides a monthly benefit to income eligible…you guessed it, pregnant or breastfeeding women, infants, and children under age five. This benefit is also received on a card and can be used at any authorized grocery store to purchase WIC-approved foods and infant formulas. Starting June 1, 2021 through September 2021, WIC produce benefits are being more than tripled! So NOW is a great time to apply.

To learn more about WIC and the expanded benefits, feel free to contact the Vermont Foodbank’s 3SVT team by calling 1-855-855-6181 or emailing 3SVT@vtfoodbank.org. Or better yet, reach out to the wonderful folks at WIC! Text VTWIC to 85511 or visit them on the web!

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about 3SVT (and the other services and supports 3SVT opens the door to) please call the Vermont Foodbank’s 3SVT team at 1-855-855-6181, text VFBSNAP to 85511, email 3SVT@vtfoodbank.org, or visit vtfoodbank.org/3svt.